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NMEE 2024 Keynote Speakers

Prof. Qingguo Feng
Southwest Jiaotong University, China

Areas of Expertise: 2D Thin Film/Heterojunction Functional Materials, catalytic materials, defect behaviour in fusion reactor wall materials

Prof. Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah
Dean, School of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Engineering Campus, Malaysia

Areas of Expertise: Catalysis, Reaction, Fuel Engineering, Nanoporous Materials, Wastewater Engineering

Dimitrios Karamanis
Professor of Alternative Energy Sources
University of Patras, Department of Environmental Engineering, Greece

Areas of Expertise: Wind potential and wind energy, Photovoltaics and solar energy, Μaterials and methods of passive cooling, Accelerator Driven Systems for energy production, Radiation metrology, Environmental impact of energy production and use, Applications of renewable energy sources

Brief Introduction: Professor of Alternative Energy Sources at University of Patras. His research interest started with the development of appropriate countermeasures for the mitigation of the severe environmental consequences of the Chernobyl accident and followed by cross section measurements in the thorium fuel cycle for energy production and waste incineration. Expanded to the study of wind and solar energy systems in the last fifteen years and currently research focused on solar cooling of buildings and the integration of photovoltaics in buildings for electricity production towards carbon neutral cities. By participating in national and international research programs as a scientific coordinator and researcher, he has published more than 110 scientific papers in scientific journals, patents, undergraduate textbook on RES and book chapters with >3500 citations and h-index 35 (Scopus). Prof. Karamanis teaches courses in the subject of renewable energy sources and their applications since 2006 in Departments of the Universities of Ioannina and Patras.

Prof. Guohua Xie
FRSC; Alexander von Humboldt Fellow
Institute of Flexible Electronics, Xiamen University, China

Areas of Expertise: Organic Semiconductors, Organic Photonics, and Organic Optoelectronic Materials and Devices

Dr. Karim RAGUI
Senior Researcher in Institute of Engineering Thermophysics,
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Areas of Expertise: Carbon Capture and Storage, Structural nanomaterials, Heat and Mass Transfer, Supercritical media, Applications of renewable energy sources

Brief Introduction: Dr. Karim RAGUI is a Senior Researcher in Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. He graduated and worked as Associate Professor in USTHB University, Algeria, and ENS-Paris-Saclay University, France (2015-2021). His research focuses on supercritical fluids for green energy applications, heat & mass transfer, multiscale porous matrix, and nanotechnology. He won several Certificates of Excellence from Elsevier Researcher Academy (2018-2019) and Nature Master-Classes (2022-2023). He Co-Edited 02 Special Issues in Scopus Journals. He is currently an Editor-in-Board Member in SN Applied Sciences Journal (Springer Nature), and Guess Editor in MATEC Journal, edp-Sciences, Materials of FDMP, and Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing. He published innovative models on heat and mass coefficients for hazardous contaminants in porous annulus (IJHMT, 2018), flow-pattern & non-settling charts on nanoparticles/base-fluid instability for field-scale applications (Physics of Fluids, 2021), and transient model on dynamic of supercritical CO2 saturation in microchips for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) applications.

Prof. Ping Xiang
Central South University, China

Areas of Expertise: Computational mechanics of materials, computational solid mechanics

Prof. Blaž Likozar
National Institute of Chemistry, Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering, Slovenia

Areas of Expertise: Heterogeneous catalysis materials, modelling, simulation and optimization of process fluid mechanics, transport phenomena and chemical kinetics

Assoc. Prof. Vincent WOON Kok Sin
New Energy Science and Engineering Department, School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University Malaysia

Areas of Expertise: Carbon footprint analysis, life cycle assessment and life cycle costing, eco-efficiency, solid waste management, waste to energy, green township and building development, and energy optimization