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Humanity is facing major global environment and energy challenges that needs collaborative attention, discussion and action among governments, international organizations, universities, as well as creative individuals. NMEE aims to promote scientific information interchange of research advances and technologies addressing emerging trends and challenges for the generation of new ideas and establish research and/or business links for potential collaboration.

2024 the 2nd International conference on New Materials for Environment and Energy (NMEE 2024) will be held during October 23-25, 2024 in Kunming, China. On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to cordially invite experts and participants from academia and industry to participate in NMEE 2024!

NMEE welcomes high-quality, cutting-edge research on materials and technology for energy harvesting, conversion, storage, transport and utilization as well as cleaner environment, and particularly encourages original, novel fundamental, and engineering research of interdisciplinary nature across basic science and engineering disciplines in the areas of energy and environmental materials. All full paper submissions will be peer reviewed by at least 2-3 independent reviewers based on research novelty, technical excellence, or unique applications in the real world.


Research Focus

Focus on materials for energy harvesting, conversion, storage, transport and utilization as well as cleaner environment.

Target Group

Chemical, physical, biological, materials, and environmental students, teachers, scientists and engineers across academia, industry, and policy-making.


Promote scientific information interchange and establish research and business links among participants.


---2023.10.26NMEE2023 has been successfully held, official website:

---2023.10.09Welcome Prof. Guohua Xie from Xiamen University, Prof. Dimitrios Karamanis from University of Patras and Professor Karim RAGUI from Chinese Academy of Sciences, (IET-CAS), Beijing, China to continue to serve as NMEE 2024 Keynote Speakers!

---2023.09.08NMEE 2024 has been launched. Welcome to join us as keynote speakers, attendees and paper contributors!


NMEE 2024 is soliciting original submissions related to energy and environmental materials, the topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Sustainable materials and technologies
  • Energy saving and emission reduction materials
  • Environmental remediation and pollution control materials
  • New environmental alternative materials in clean processing and utilization of fossil resources
  • Photocatalytic materials applied to environmental problems
  • Migration and transformation of environmental materials
  • Materials for carbon capture, storage, and utilization
  • Materials used in batteries, fuel cells, or supercapacitors
  • Other new energy materials, such as material for solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, ocean energy, biomass energy and nuclear energy, magnetohydrodynamic power generation, etc.


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Kunming, as the capital of Yunnan province and one of the central cities in the southwest region, is a nationally famous historical and cultural city and an important national tourism and business city.

In the middle part of Yunnan, there is a lake that looks like a bright pearl on the plateau. It was called Diannanze in ancient times, and today is also known as "Kunyang Lake" because it's close to Kunyang. Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province situated on the lakeside, is a world-famous Spring City.

Kunming's downtown has an altitude of 1,891 m. It is surrounded by mountains and lies to the north of Kunyang Lake. It has a low latitude plateau mountain monsoon climate with long sunshine duration, short frost periods and an average annual temperature of 15 degrees Celsius due to the influence of warm and humid airflow from the Southwest Indian Ocean. Kunming feels like spring all the year round, and is thus called Spring City. From December to March numerous black-headed gulls escape the northern cold by flying all the way afar to Kunming.

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